Neves Ferreira Family, dedication to the Douro

The Neves Ferreira siblings have a strong connection to the Douro, in particular to their estate, Quinta do Espinho, which has belonged to the family for six generations. The estate is located in Santa Marta de Penaguião over the Bom Viver (‘Good Living’) place.

There they spent some of their best childhood moments, which they recall with joy.

Later on they took over the management and are fully dedicated to it. Several vineyard parcels have been recovered as well as part of the old winemaking facilities and the main house. This has been done always keeping in mind the original materials and aesthetics of the buildings, some of which date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

One of their main objectives is to produce high quality wines, which they wish to share with the world, spreading what is produced in one of the most iconic wine regions of the world.

The Bom Viver 2011 is the visible result of this dedication. The first of many, to celebrate with you the good moments of life!